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Our Food projects in Kenya

Extreme drought is troubling the people of East Africa. Relief organizations have warned that about 12 million inhabitants are at risk of starvation. The government of Kenia has now called out a state of disaster as many people haven’t eaten anything for days.

Due to the massive drought in large parts of the country, President Uhuru Kenyatta has now asked the international community for help.

According to the Kenyan government the number of people affected by the famine has risen from 1,5 million in December to 3 million people. By July 2017, the number will have increased to 4 million. According to the authorities, 23 of 47 districts in Kenya are affected by the famine with 2,7 million citizens dependent on help.

“The current famine situation in many regions of Kenia is devastating with 50% of all children under 5 years of age threatened by starvation,” Christopher Hoffman, the World Vision regional director of East Africa reports.

Both of our projects in Mombasa and Kinango are daily experiencing this increase of hungry young children. Unfortunately, the current budget cannot provide enough food to satisfy their hunger. This is why we depend on your immediate help and support.

Your donation helps:

USD 10 >>> 28 Meals
USD 50 >>> 140 Meals
USD 175 >> 500 Meals
USD 350 >> 1.000 Meals
USD 500 >> 1.388 Meals

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